User Guide to the Web-based Shared Care Plan Personal Health Record


A User Guide for the web-based Shared Care Plan Personal Health Record that utilizes screenshots and descriptions on how to access the Shared Care Plan; manage administrative features including display preferences and privacy and security settings; add and edit patient health information including medications, immunizations and allergies, personal health documents. The tool should be given to patients and reviewed with a program staff member when they begin the program. Shared Care Plan Website:


Appropriate for use by health care providers or other program staff members interacting with patients in the care transitions program.

Helpful Tips

  • Develop a user guide for patients that is short in length, easy to understand with low health literacy required. Web applications where substantial health literacy is required to navigate a system means that many older adults will either stop using or misunderstand the application.
  • For individuals who are willing and able to use the technology, one-on-one training, practice, and access to technical assistance are needed to ensure the individual can fully navigate and take advantage of all aspects of the tool, including review of this guide when patients first enroll in the program.
  • Build off of current organizational support resources and include pertinent group and contact information in the guide, as well as background information on how to use computers and other IT resources as needed.

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