Telehealth Program Evaluation Planning


An example that provides guidance for designing a telehealth program evaluation plan. The example helps managers to define:
  • The best and most feasible program performance indicators and the rationale for their selection
  • The data collection plan, including data sources, data collection frequency, and persons responsible for data collection
  • The data analysis plan, including statistics and data displays to be used
  • The data reporting plan, including who will receive the evaluation report and how often?


  • Program managers
  • Program sponsors (e.g., those authorizing the program budget)
  • Project team members

Helpful Tips

  • The evaluation plan should be designed before the program begins
  • Before delving into the evaluation details, make sure the team can answer big-picture questions such as, “what does program success look like?” “How will we know whether we have achieved success after six months, one year, or five years?”
  • Consider the evaluation measures that will be of interest to multiple stakeholders. For example, will you need return on investment analyses to gain upper management support for the program’s continuation and expansion?

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