Telehealth Patient Satisfaction Survey


This survey tool identifies older adults’ perceptions and beliefs about health technology, and addresses key issues such as privacy concerns, time of use, involvement in one's healthcare, and quality of care. The survey uses a 5-point Likert scale drawn from the Coleman Care Transitions Survey that was developed and tested for use with older adults. Items can be summed for a high score of 50 and a low of 10. The Tool can be used at the end of a short program to measure improvement. In a long-term program an investigator may wish to use the survey tool periodically to evaluate satisfaction with the intervention, such as 3-month intervals.


This tool is appropriate for health care providers interested in evaluating patient satisfaction within a telehealth program including:
  • Management team
  • Telehealth project team members
  • Program management
  • Medical management

Helpful Tips

  • Replace the term "Telehealth Technology" with the term for the device that is used in the program and/or what the patient calls the device.
  • While the questions at the bottom are also to see if patients have anything else to add, asking for additional comments may not result in many useful responses as opposed to asking what they liked best and least about the intervention.
  • In conducting the verbal administration of the survey, read each response after each question as patients oftend forget the scale categories.

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