Telehealth Organizational Readiness Assessment


This tool is intended for use by organizations engaged in the design and planning of a telehealth program to assess the organization’s readiness to implement the program. The tool consists of 30 statements that are organized in three assessment categories of organizational readiness: 1) awareness and leadership; 2) planning and preparedness; and 3) technical preparedness. Responses indicate the degree of agreement with each statement on a scale of 1 to 5. The total or sum of scores should be reviewed in consultation with the scoring guide to assess the degree of readiness and to identify any areas in need of potential improvement before proceeding with the implementation.


The tool is designed to be completed by persons charged with the implementation or oversight of the telehealth program implementation. The tool may be individually self-administered; however, it generally requires multiple perspectives from the program director, clinical director, IT director and senior management.

Helpful Tips

  • Responses with a score of 2 or lower should be reviewed and addressed to increase the likelihood of success.
  • Results are best discussed as a group to accommodate any potential differences in understanding of the organization’s current state of capabilities and readiness to implement a telehealth program.

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