Technologies for Optimizing Medication Use in Older Adults


A position paper that comprehensively describes medication optimization interventions with an emphasis on how technology can improve the lives of older adults while controlling health care costs. The paper discusses why medication optimization is needed, lists potential applications, reviews types of technologies, and describes a 5-step process.


For program managers and other team members

Helpful Tips

The paper is useful for the following aspects of program planning and development:
  • Technology review: the paper summarizes types of technologies and how they should functionally operate.
  • Program design and clinical management: the paper’s 5-step process (Collect, Transmit, Evaluate, Notify, and Intervene) offers a practical framework for medication optimization program design and establishing clinical workflows.
  • Presenting the “case” for medication optimization: the paper’s statistics on the needs for and applications of technologies, e.g., for better chronic disease management, can be used in building the business and clinical case for a new or expanded technology program.

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