Self-Care Heart Failure Index (SCHFI) – Survey Link and Example


The evidence-based Self-Care Heart Failure Index is a 22-question survey used to measure patient activation regarding maintenance, management and confidence with respect to heart failure self-care. The tool is available in the public domain in multiple languages: Word document versions of the tool can be downloaded from this website as well as additional directions on how to administer and score the results. Directions and recommendations for scoring can be found in the 2009 paper: Riegel B, Lee CS, Dickson VV, Carlson B. An Update on the Self-Care of Heart Failure Index. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 2009;24(6):485-497.

Example results from Sharp HealthCare’s Remote Patient Monitoring Program show SCHFI scores before and after a remote patient monitoring intervention, the scoring methodology, and how to interpret results.


Appropriate for health care providers evaluating/improving patient self-care. Survey can indicate the areas of focus for improving patient activation.

Helpful Tips

  • The SCHFI should be used before beginning an intervention to establish a baseline metric and at the end of a short program to measure improvement.
  • In a long-term program an investigator may wish to use the survey tool periodically to evaluate effectiveness of intervention.
  • This tool can play an important part in personalizing a patient’s education and self-activation program.

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