Telehealth Vendor Selection RFI


A template intended to provide a sample of telehealth vendor selection questions for use within an RFI or RFP. The document includes separate analysis sections, and is useful as a framework for gathering and analyzing the details required for selecting a technology and services partner.


Those conducting a detailed, comparative analysis of telehealth vendors will benefit from the template, such as:
  • Program management
  • IT or clinical staff
  • Telehealth project team members

Helpful Tips

As the specific Telehealth requirements will differ for each organization, the template’s sample questions will need to be edited and expanded.
  • This need is most evident within section 4.0 Feature Requirements where the questions are representative of several different types of Telehealth technologies/services, and, therefore, not intended to be used as a collective whole.
  • Sections that are broadly applicable may require less modification. In this case, the user may choose to simply copy and paste these sections into his/her RFI.

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