Provider Focus Group Material and Results – Example


This example contains findings and content recommendations for a focus group for mHealth providers. The material is drawn from a focus group of health clinic providers engaged in an mHealth diabetes care management texting program. The focus group was conducted after the mHealth program was implemented. Providers were asked to comment on reasons for participating in the program, benefits of the program, and perceived barriers to adopting mHealth programs. Program staff also highlighted program goals and findings to date, highlighting the potential synergy of this program with new models of care and reimbursement such as the Patient-Centered Medical Home and Accountable Care Organization.


mHealth program staff can use the focus group material as a guide when conducting provider focus groups, while mHealth program planning staff can utilize the results when designing mHealth programs for their organization and when seeking provider buy-in.

Helpful Tips

Discuss program integration within the current workflow and how mHealth program patient data and resulting action steps can be incorporated into patient care plans.

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