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CTA and The Connecticut Pharmacists Foundation developed a video highlighting their Medication Optimization Program. The link to the completed video is below as is the guide to video planning and production. The guide discusses the goals of the video, outline of the video content, background materials and resources on the project, as well as administrative details to consider when developing a video.
Video URL:
Video Description: This project demonstrates how telehealth, including videoconferencing, can cost-effectively improve access to care for a high-medical-need population that is socially isolated, geographically dispersed, and experiences language and cultural barriers to care. In this project, specially trained pharmacists provided medication therapy management services to nearly 100 older Cambodian-Americans. Results: Pharmacists identified 604 potentially harmful medication-related problems (MRPs). During the 12-month project, 93% of MRPs were resolved, medication adherence behaviors improved 23%, and therapy outcome goals were achieved 24% more often. The projected ROI from avoided hospitalizations and ER visits was approximately $6 saved for every $1 spent on the project.


The Video Planning Guide is appropriate for project managers in charge of their technology-enabled programs. The video appeals to policy makers, encourages engagement and program buy-in from clinicians and patients, and to organizations considering implementation of a similar program.

Helpful Tips

  • Focus on the goals of the video, target audiences and what the organization hopes to convey through the video.
  • Consider appealing to both the heart and minds of the viewer.
  • Develop an outline of the Video content and review with the Program team.

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