Program Discharge: A Guide from the Care Transitions Technology Toolkit


Enrollment in a technology-enhanced care transitions program is typically for a fixed period. Organizations can take a number of steps to ensure that termination of services and disenrollment of patients from the program are handled in a standard manner.


  • Program planners
  • Technology managers or vendors
  • Care transitions coaches and other providers

Helpful Tips

  • Build program discharge processes into the overall program plan, including the process for retrieving and refurbishing multi-use technologies that have been installed in a patient’s home.
  • Define the conditions under which discharge will occur, e.g.,
    • The care transitions program or technology used within the program has a pre-determined time span (e.g., 30 days)
    • The patient fulfills the post-discharge care management requirements and/ or meets the goals of the program
    • The patient decides to terminate the program, is no longer eligible for the program, or requires more intensive services

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