Patient Medical Utilization Tracker – Template


This spreadsheet provides a systematic method for tracking patient medical utilization data including acute care facility admissions; emergency department visits; reasons for visits, disenrollment or completion of program; and patient information such as age, sex, geographical location, primary diagnosis, facility, and heart failure stage. Embedded equations within the spreadsheet calculate days of readmissions and if 30-day readmissions occurred, length of stay, number of days using the RPM device, as well as total admissions pre-, post-, and during the program. The tool is intended to be used for program monitoring to keep track of patient medical utilization, but can also be used specifically for program evaluation.


This tool is appropriate for RPM project team members, clinical and administrative staff, and health care providers including:
  • Management team
  • RPM project team members
  • Program management
  • Medical management

Helpful Tips

Plug in dates of admissions on the tool and the embedded equations within the spreadsheet will calculate length of stay, days of readmissions, and total number of admissions and hospitalizations pre-, post-, and while RPM is being used.

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