Patient Focus Group Materials and Results – Example


This tool contains focus group questions for older adults participating in a mHealth texting medication adherence program. Focus groups were convened midway and at the endpoint of the program. Participants were invited to participate in focus group sessions or individual interviews to collect anecdotal and more in-depth responses to the program. Prior to the sharing of their experiences, each participant completed a post-assessment survey that was later analyzed by the program evaluator. At the Focus group session, program staff highlighted program goals and activities with users, followed by a series of questions that addressed issues related to the participant’s experience (1) during the first training session with the intervention, (2) learning to use and operate a cell phone, (3) learning to use and operate the software, (4) whether the program helped them manage their medications and how, and (5) if they would continue to use the intervention or a similar text messaging program in the future. Twenty-two focus groups were held in 12 different locations. Attendance varied between 1 and 12 with an average of 5 participants attending each focus group. The tool also contains focus group results from the “Minding our Meds” program by the Front Porch Center for Technology Innovation and Wellbeing.


  • mHealth program staff for program evaluation
  • mHealth planning staff for mHealth program design

Helpful Tips

  • The ideal leader to participant ratio was 2:5.
  • The interview guide should be used loosely. The most valuable data often comes from groups where the conversation is allowed to flow. Participants should be encouraged to put their thoughts into their own words that can be used in future program and communication efforts.

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