Patient and Clinical Vignettes – Example


Vignettes are narratives or quotations that describe patient issues, solutions, or outcomes and are useful for relating how a key aspect of the telehealth program can serve to overcome the issue. These narratives highlight the capacities of telehealth more effectively than simple statements or less-developed claims about “how telehealth changed my life”. Patient vignettes provide an effective way to monitor care, reinforce effective care, and inform improvements in care. Vignettes are also effective tools for marketing or promoting telehealth by showcasing the way patient monitoring improves care and leads to program growth, provider buy-in, and improved patient recruitment.


Vignettes can be used to persuade clinicians and patients to try out a telehealth program that they might be reluctant to test or use without hearing about the “human factors”. These vignettes can also be used by other organizations during the decision-making phase (e.g., when an organization is contemplating adoption of this technology), or as a template for a service delivery program to gather their own patients’ stories over the lifetime of a telehealth program. Anyone interested in patient experience could use these stories to communicate the value of the technology in helping patients to better manage their chronic conditions.

Helpful Tips

  • Use patient vignettes in staff meetings to demonstrate positive program outcomes and build program buy-in.
  • To gather the most compelling vignettes for your program, collect patient stories in an ongoing manner--from program implementation through to program evaluation.

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