mHealth User Guide – Community Quality of Life Tool Example


This tool is a model user guide that walks staff through the goals of the mHealth intervention, how to use the tool with clients, troubleshooting common issues with the tool and tablet, and tablet use in general. The Community Quality of Life is a touch-screen based, electronic version of the WHOCQOL quality of life satisfaction questionnaire, with an additional 10-15 questions added developed by participating implementation sites. The 36-40 item questionnaire uses a 5 point Likert scale and generates graphical results that are reviewed by staff and clients. This assessment tool was designed to provide social service providers with a quick and simple means for assessing quality of life for low-income, isolated, frail and often homeless, older adults. CQOL can be re-administered over time to gauge change that has occurred since connecting a participant with resources in the community and allows them to see improvements.


This tool is appropriate for program staff responsible for developing a mHealth user guide.

Helpful Tips

  • Consider using a touch screen tablet which is more user friendly when working with older adults than administering a survey on a laptop.
  • Translations of the WHOQOL-BREF can be found at the below site

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