mHealth Medication Adherence Texting Program Presentation and Videos


This is an example of a presentation introducing a mHealth medication adherence texting program to community members and residents. It outlines the basic elements of the program and provides an opportunity for potential participants to ask questions.

The presentation includes a 3-part video series, “Minding our Meds: Demonstrating Senior Medication Adherence with Cell Phone Texting Reminders.” The series includes an overview of medication adherence and older adults (“Why It’s Important to Take our Meds”), a summary and use case of the innovation (“The CareSpeak Mobile Medication Manager”), and a tutorial (“Using CareSpeak’s Mobile Medication Manager”). All the videos were scripted, developed, and produced by FPCTIW in collaboration with One Economy, and can be found at the CTA website.


This tool is intended as an educational and recruitment document for the participants and community staff persons given by mHealth program staff as an introduction to the texting program.

Helpful Tips

  • Have links to the videos pre-loaded on the computer before presenting the show.
  • Maintain large fonts for visibility, allow spaces for notetaking if handouts are printed.

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