Determining ROI of Remote Patient Monitoring: A Primer


A primer on how to conduct a return on investment (ROI) analysis for a remote patient monitoring (RPM) program. The primer defines terms, such as ROI and RPM; outlines the factors that should be considered in a ROI analysis; discusses labor, technology and other cost components; and, provides an example ROI analysis.


For program managers who are unfamiliar with ROI analysis or who need a refresher.

Helpful Tips

An organization may seek to model ROI by comparing three different care-management paradigms:
  • The existing standard of care, which typically involves minimal between-doctor-visit support for an individual with chronic illness.
  • Traditional care- and case-management, which may be limited to human-to-human contact via telephone and home visits.
  • RPM-based care management, which is typically rooted in an “exception-based” model of care in which staff focuses on patients who, based on RPM-based daily assessments, need help that day.

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