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An example return on investment (ROI) analysis for a technology-enhanced medication optimization program. The first page itemizes the savings ($343,083) that were attributable to the intervention. The second page shows the costs of the program ($51,969) and the resulting ROI (5.6:1). Savings were based on health care cost avoidance. Cost avoidance was estimated using evidence-based analytics from Assurance© software. The costs of providing the intervention was calculated by adding professional (i.e., pharmacist and community health worker) service claims for each patient, and comparing these costs with the total of direct cost savings (drug changes or drug prevention costs) and evidence-based estimated cost avoidance (health care costs and prevention savings).


Program designers, managers, and clinicians and/or C-suite executives that review and approve new interventions.

Helpful Tips

The example is focused on medication therapy management services delivered via videoconferencing but the ROI analysis is a useful reference for any technology-enhanced care management program.

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