COPD One-Pager Educational Materials – Examples


Educational materials on COPD in easy-to-read, one page (front and back) formats for specific topic areas. Patients receive educational materials upon enrollment and/or discharge from the hospital. Patients can review materials in the hospital and at home to help them better understand their condition and improve self-management. Some one-pagers encourage patients to talk with their providers on creating a patient action plan for COPD exacerbations and to track and record medications. One-page topic areas include:
  • Living with COPD
  • COPD Exacerbations
  • Know Your COPD Medicines


Materials can be given to patients and caregivers enrolled in the telehealth program. Program staff and clinicians can modify and distribute materials as needed.

Helpful Tips

Review and reference educational materials with patients during program enrollment, ‘real-time’ monitoring calls, follow-up calls, and in-person medical visits.

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