Clinical COPD Questionnaire© (CCQ)


This copyrighted, scientifically validated questionnaire is a tool that is used to determine health status of those patients suffering from COPD on a weekly basis, visit specific and before or after interventions.

© The CCQ is copyrighted. It may not be altered, sold (paper or electronic), translated or adapted for another without the permission of T. van der Molen, Dept. of General Practice, University Medical Center Groningen, Postbus 196, 9700 AD Groningen, The Netherlands.


This tool is appropriate for health care providers interested in evaluating patient ability to manage their COPD symptoms, knowledge of their disease and identify those at risk for depression.
  • Management team
  • Patients
  • Program management
  • Medical management

Helpful Tips

  • Encourage patients to answer CCQ on their own; if not verbal administration of CCQ is acceptable.
  • In terms of the verbal administration of the survey, read each response after each question, as patients can confuse questions.

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