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The Center for Technology and Aging (CTA) helps health care organizations working in diverse environments to implement patient-centered technologies while addressing the real world needs of physicians, nurses, other health care providers, technology vendors, payers, and policy makers.

Advances in patient monitoring and messaging, along the explosion of online information and telehealth, have created unprecedented opportunities for improving self management of chronic disease. The Center can assist your organization to adopt these technologies in order to increase work force efficiency, improving communication and coordination of care between providers, older adults and caregivers, and reducing the costs of care.

However, many public and private organizations are unsure how to implement these technologies successfully. The Center can assist. When patient-centered technologies are effectively implemented, health outcomes are better, costs are lower, and individuals maintain greater independence. And, while technology-enabled programs have proven to be an effective way of helping older adults, including persons with chronic conditions, improve health outcomes and maintain independence, the technologies are currently not widely used.

CTA Services

  • Technology Readiness Assessments
    Evaluating what technologies are most appropriate for health care organization clients – from hospitals to home health agencies – and developing a road map to move toward adoption.
  • Technology Demonstration Program Design
    Designing demonstration programs that lead to measurable, replicable, and scalable results.
  • Technology Implementation Planning & Evaluation
    Applying the ADOPT technology model for program implementation to assure that a new technology is implemented successfully.
  • Technology Grants Management
    Partnering with funding organizations to help design programs that meet strategic grant making goals centered on technology, aging, and chronic disease management.
  • Technology Learning Collaboratives
    Enabling geographically dispersed health care providers, clinicians, researchers and policy makers to collaborate, share, and learn together through structured, ongoing communication programs.
  • Technology and Aging Research & Dissemination
    Conducting applied research on technology and aging, including market research and outcome evaluations, coupled with a robust dissemination program.

The Center’s approach incorporates our team’s extensive aging services and technology experience with what we have learned managing technology demonstration projects and working with dozens of organizations – in every region of the country – about the essential requirements for implementing or expanding the use of technology to better serve older patients with chronic medical conditions. In today’s rapidly changing health care environment that includes the emergence of new care delivery systems under health care reform, the benefits of proven, patient-centered technologies have never been more important.

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Is your organization asking these critical questions? If not, why not?

The Center for Technology and Aging can partner with you to answer them:

  • What technologies are transformative and can improve the care of patients?
  • What are the prerequisites to successfully implementing a new technology?
  • What is the business case for implementing a technology-enabled program?
  • What workflow, staffing, education, IT, and operational changes are needed for success?
  • What strategies will assure awareness and adoption of the technologies in organization?
  • What is required to take a technology to scale?

For additional information reach us at support@techandaging.org or 510.285.5678.