The Center for Technology and Aging’s ADOPT Toolkit website builds on our broad research and real-world experience to help organizations interested in building technology-enabled programs to improve the care management of chronic disease, resulting in better continuity and coordination of care at lower costs. The ADOPT Toolkit is intended to help you more quickly and easily design health technology-focused programs and to accelerate diffusion of proven technologies.

Technologies that assist care coordination and improve the independence of older adults cover a very wide spectrum. The ADOPT Toolkit offers tools in four areas: Remote Patient Monitoring, Medication Optimization, Care Transitions, and Mobile Health.

How do I use the Toolkit Website?

To use the toolkit website, login or sign up for an account then follow these 3 steps:

  1. Select a Toolkit
  2. Choose a Workstream
  3. Select and Download Tool

Step 1: Select a Toolkit

Select a toolkit focused on one of four program areas.

mHealthmHealth:Managing chronic disease, using medications properly, accessing online health information on mobile networks and devices

RPM:Managing chronic disease and post-acute care

Care Transitions:Assuring continuity and coordination of care from hospital to home

MedOp:Managing medication information, dispensing, adherence, and tracking

Step 2: Select a Workstream

Tools are organized under eight workstreams (see below), which are functional areas that simplify the complex steps required to successfully deploy technology. Workstreams are not sequential – they often overlap and segue into one another during the course of the deployment journey. Sub-tasks within workstreams further to help you quickly find the right tool for the right task. Click ‘more/less’ next to each workstream for a list of guides and tools relating to that area.

Each workstream and sub-task has a corresponding guide. Download the guides prior to reviewing individual tools.

Program Planning: Tools for program design and change management.
Technology Management: Tools for technology review, technology selection and technology logistics.
Patient Management: Tools for patient selection, recruitment/enrollment, engagement and program discharge.
Clinical Management Tools for contracting and compliance issues.
Financial Management: Tools for budgeting and ROI Analysis.
Administration: Tools for contracting and compliance issues.
Marketing: Tools for program promotion and customer support.
Evaluation & Performance Improvement: Tools for program and performance measurements around care effectiveness, cost of care, and care experience.

Learn more about workstreams >>

Step 3: Select & Download Tool(s)

Tools are organized under Workstreams and are categorized as templates, examples, or interactive web-based tools.

Download Guides first to obtain an overview and important considerations for implementing technology.

Click on the tool’s title to find more information about each tool, including their description, audience and helpful tips. Click on the ‘download tool’ icon to download the tool. (Note: You must be logged in to download tools.)

Tool Types:

  • Templates: Tools that can be edited and used within your program.
  • Examples:Tools with information filled in from specific organizations used within their technology-enabled programs. Example tools can also be created from organizations for use within a specific patient population, but not from existing programs.
  • Interactive Web-Based Tools: Users interact with the tool through the internet to generate tailored results around a specific project task.

Leave Feedback

Please share your feedback and comments on your experience using individual tools, questions about the tools, and overall thoughts relating to the toolkit. Sign-in or create an account to leave feedback on each individual tool webpage. You can also send an email to support@techandaging.org with any additional questions about the tools and toolkits.

Contact CTA for Further Assistance

Contact CTA for help in implementing patient-centered technologies that address the needs of physicians, nurses, other health care providers, technology vendors, and payers. For more information on CTA core services, go to CTA Support or email support@techandaging.org.