About CTA

Who We Are:

The Center for Technology and Aging is the nation’s leading source of expertise in the use of patient-centered technologies for older adults. We take our distinctive experience and unique insights and work with health care organizations and providers, aging service organizations, payers, and others to enable them to accelerate the diffusion of proven technologies for older adults. The Center serves as a national resource for providers and policy makers who are engaged in using technology to enhance the lives of older adults.

CTA Services:

  • Technology Readiness Assessments
    Evaluating what technologies are most appropriate for health care organization clients – from hospitals to home health agencies – and developing a road map to move toward adoption.
  • Technology Demonstration Program Design
    Designing demonstration programs that lead to measurable, replicable, and scalable results.
  • Technology Implementation Planning & Evaluation
    Applying the ADOPT technology model for program implementation to assure that a new technology is implemented successfully.
  • Technology Grants Management
    Partnering with funding organizations to help design programs that meet strategic grant making goals centered on technology, aging, and chronic disease management.
  • Technology Learning Collaboratives
    Enabling geographically dispersed health care providers, clinicians, researchers and policy makers to collaborate, share, and learn together through structured, ongoing communication programs.
  • Technology and Aging Research & Dissemination
    Conducting applied research on technology and aging, including market research and outcome evaluations, coupled with a robust dissemination program.


The Center for Technology and Aging receives funding from multiple sources including public support, government grants, corporate donations and grants, and private philanthropy. Please contact our office to learn how you or your organization can make a contribution to the important initiatives and services provided by the CTA at support@techandaging.org or 510.285.5678.


The Center for Technology and Aging was established through the generous support of The SCAN Foundation. The development of the ADOPT Toolkit has been made possible through support from The SCAN Foundation and The Commonwealth Fund.

For more information on CTA, please visit www.techandaging.org.